Transcontinental Realty Investors  (TCI)


1603 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy

Suite 800

Dallas, TX 75234

Telephone: 469-522-4200



Stock Symbol: TCI

Exchange: NYSE

Sector:  Services

Industry: Real Estate


All registered shareholder accounts are maintained by American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, the transfer agent and registrar. American Stock Transfer also is responsible for the issuance of stock certificates, as well as dividend checks and 1099 tax forms in years in which dividends are paid.


American Stock Transfer and Trust Company

6201 15th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11219



Shareholder Relations: 800.937.5449, 718.921.8200




Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a copy of my 1099 form for tax reporting for years that dividends are paid?

Call American Stock Transfer at 800.937.5449. Note: No 1099 is sent for a year in which no dividend is paid.


How can I determine the cost basis of my shares for tax purposes?

For shareholders who were former partners of National Realty, L.Pl, the cost basis of the stock is equal to the Unit Cost on Sale reported on the 2000 Substitute Schedule K-1.


Where and how do I report a change of address?

Go to American Stock Transfer's web site, to submit a change online. Or, you can mail the change, include the name     of the stock, all names registered on the account and social security number(s) with the address information in a signed and dated letter.


How do I replace a lost stock certificate?

Go to the AST's web site,, to apply online for a replacement, or call 800.937.5449 for information.


Who do I contact about a lost or outdated dividend check?

Dividend checks are issued (and replaced) by American Stock Transfer. Go to AST's web site and apply online for a replacement, or call AST and speak to a Shareholder Relations representative.


Can I have my dividend checks mailed directly to my bank?

Yes. Go to for information and forms, or call 800.937.5449.


Who do I contact to transfer the ownership of my stock?

Answer: Go to for information and forms, or call 800.937.5449.


How do I sign up to reinvest dividends or get information about the reinvestment plan?

Go to to obtain information and/or sign up for the dividend reinvestment plan online. Or call AST Shareholder Relations.


How do I sell my shares?

If you have stock certificates, contact the stockbroker or securities dealer of your choice.


Tax Reporting Information


All dividends and proceeds from the sale of stock are reported to the Internal Revenue Service. American Stock Transfer & Trust mails 1099 tax forms to shareholders by February 2 of each year (March 15 for 1042s to non-US shareholders). If you did not receive a tax form, contact American Stock Transfer.


AST Shareholder Relations

800.937.5449, 718.921.8200.

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